$39 Million Secured in Infrastructure finding to Reconnect Wisconsin Communities


We’re thrilled to share news of significant developments that promise to reshape Wisconsin’s infrastructure landscape. Over $39 million has been allocated to enhance transportation infrastructure, safety, and community connectivity across the state. Key Projects Funded include:

  • Milwaukee’s 6th Street Revitalization: Awarded $36.56 million to transform 2.6 miles into a vibrant, green, and accessible corridor, enhancing connectivity between diverse neighborhoods.
  • National Avenue Interchange Study: A $2 million grant to reimagine this crucial interchange in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point, focusing on reconnecting divided communities and improving safety and mobility.
  • Madison’s Perry Street Overpass: With $1 million in funding, this project aims to bridge South Madison’s neighborhoods, facilitating better access and revitalizing the area.

These initiatives reflect our leaders’ dedication to forging stronger, safer, and more connected communities across Wisconsin. As we embark on these transformative projects, your involvement and support will be invaluable.


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