Rashawn The Plumber Gets Connected to Government Contracting Opportunities, and Takes Hero Plumbing To the Next Level


Me: Rashawn, why did you name your company “Hero Plumbing?”

Rashawn: “Well, when I was coming up in plumbing, guys used to say to me ‘if you finish that job you’ll be a hero’, so I would do everything I could to finish whatever it was…and decided to call my company Hero Plumbing just to remind of what it was like to get to this point.”

Rashawn has a story of how he overcame one obstacle after another to start and grow his business. And Rashawn has been everywhere from replacing sewer pipes in winter to riding in the Presidential limo with President Joe Biden.

When Develop Wisconsin met Rashawn he needed marketing, equipment, lots of business advice and capital. With Develop Wisconsin’s assistance, Rashawn got a business plan, found an investor and now is winning a number of contracts from the City of City of Milwaukee to replace lead laterals as part of the Infrastructure Act projects.

Well, to us, Rashawn is a hero not only because he finishes what he starts, but also because he doesn’t give up on his dream.

if you need plumbing, you can contact Rashawn at https://heroplumbingwi.com. If you need business assistance, contact @Developwisconain


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