Allen Remodeling Gets Connected to Capital and Expands Operations


    Over the past decade, Allen Remodeling Corporation, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has experienced consistent growth. The company has incrementally expanded, leveraging the revenue from one project to fund the next, a process that owner Matthew Schoelfied likened to being stuck on a “gerbil wheel” – expending a lot of effort without making significant progress. Seeking to break this cycle and stimulate further growth, Matthew reached out to Develop Wisconsin, a partner organization of Develop America, Inc., in pursuit of necessary capital for business expansion, including working capital and equipment financing. This inquiry led to a partnership with the business lending unit of Landmark Credit Union, with which Matthew already had a personal banking relationship, facilitating a smoother cooperation. As a result, Allen Remodeling secured over $250,000 in capital, enabling not just the purchase of additional equipment but also the expansion of its workforce for the upcoming season. Matthew expressed relief and satisfaction at moving beyond the previously endless cycle, remarking on the positive change with, “Getting off of that gerbil wheel felt so good!”


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