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Ethnically Diverse and Women Business Enterprise and Workforce Inclusion Goals

The Diversity Supplier and Workforce Development Inclusion Plan provides information to contractors and suppliers regarding the inclusion requirements for Minority and Women Business Enterprises (“MWBE”), the use of minority and women workers (“MWW”), Apprentice, Neighborhood Residents and Interns during the construction, maintenance and operations of Marquette University Project(s), hereafter referred to as “construction.” This plan has been prepared as a guide and is designed to assist all contractors and major suppliers in understanding the inclusion and reporting requirements. It also contains important provisions, requirements and recommendations relative to the utilization of diverse suppliers and workers. Although the language and requirements are targeted at construction and related services, the theme of the policy extends to all purchases on campus.

Participation Requirements

  1. Minority and/or Women Business Enterprises will receive contracts that total 15% of the professional services and construction costs.
  2. Minority and Women workers will perform 15% of the total hours worked on the project.
  3. Apprentice and On-The-Job Trainees will be employed by each contractor and subcontractor in accordance with the maximum ratio of apprentices to journeymen established for this project. (This requirement is not intended to over employ resources and exceptions to the ratio are allowed when only one person is required for the work.)
  4. Each contractor will make a good faith effort to hire at least one individual that lives in the Milwaukee County’s zip codes identified as high poverty and/or 80-100% distressed. These zip codes are 53204, 53205, 53206, 53208, 53209, 53210, 53212, 53215, 53216, 53218, 53224, 53223, 53225, 53233.
  5. Each contractor is encouraged to engage at least one Marquette University student as an intern.


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