Building a Thriving Business Development Ecosystem in Milwaukee!


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 Building a Thriving Business Development Ecosystem in Milwaukee! 


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MILWAUKEE’s leading REsource for minority owned business development

Develop Milwaukee, an affiliate of Develop Wisconsin, is committed to providing minority owned businesses in Wisconsin with an effective business ecosystem that supports development and growth.  Minority businesses now have a partner that can assist them in moving beyond the obstacles and challenges that stifles the growth of their businesses.

Access to Capital

Develop Milwaukee works to connect Black- and minority-owned businesses to debt and equity capital for business growth and expansion.

Business Education

Develop Milwaukee connects businesses to opportunities to learn about a broad range of business development topics, including start-up and securing financing.

Coaching and Mentoring

Develop Milwaukee connects business owners to coaching and mentoring resources to assist owners in taking their business to the next level.

Strategic Planning

Develop Milwaukee provides strategic planning assistance to businesses looking for solutions for long-term growth and expansion into new market opportunities.

Business Networking

Develop Milwaukee connects minority and Black-owned businesses to business networks to expand access to business opportunities and resources.

Market Expansion

Develop Milwaukee connects businesses to local, regional and national opportunities to expand market share.

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