Why Partner with Develop Wisconsin?

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Why Partner with Develop Wisconsin?

You’ll gain new customers

Instantly expand your reach. Connecting with our network of over 50,000 Wisconsin-based business, gives you access to high intent Prospects you won’t see anywhere else. It’s like adding an entire marketing department to your company overnight.

Our clients know us

In Wisconsin, your potential clients know who we are and what we do. Nearly 75% of your audience already relies on us to connect them to the resources they need. We’ve built a recognizable brand that converts information-seekers into real prospects.

Our clients trust us

The Develop Wisconsin brand is built on a solid reputation of consistently delivering value to our clients.   Our clients trust Develop Wisconsin and that gets them one step close to trusting the Business Partners that we refer them to.

Hands-on Support and Training

Relationship Manager

We’re in this together! Develop Wisconsin works to build strong relationships with its clients, which can be leveraged by Business Partners to expand the customer base and reinforce brand loyalty.

Develop America University

Grow and solidify your business credibility by getting recognized as a business development professional via the Develop America University.   Be recognized as a  Certified Business Consultant, a Certified Marketing Consultant, and a Certified Business Financial Analyst.

A Partner to Connect Your Business to More Clients


Direct Customer Referrals

Instantly have access to over 50,000 Wisconsin owned businesses looking for business services just like yours.  We connect businesses to our Business Partner, providing a win-win for everyone involved.   

Access Wisconsin Business Directory

Imagine a listing of your business in the Access Wisconsin Business Directory; a resource avaliable to over 50,000 businesses located in every part of Wisconsin.   Expand your market reach, gain new customers and grow your business.

Preferred Business Partner Program

Clients appreciate great service, and so do we.   Develop Wisconsin recognizes Business Providers that provide the highest level of customer service by designating them as Preferred Business Partners.   

A Partner to Connect Prospective Clients to Your Business

Ratings and Reviews

Recent clients can rate their experience working with a Business Partner. A great way to showcase your organization’s products, services and and the quality of your customer service.

Business Services Directory

Develop Wisconsin clients can quickly search and identify a broad range of qualified business service providers that meet their needs, saving time and money in their search for business support.

Trusted Source for Business Referrals

Develop Wisconsin clients depend on Develop Wisconsin as a source of business service referral throughout the life of a business.  Develop Wisconsin take great pride in serving our clients, no matter where they are in the business development lifecycle.

Connect with over 50.000 businesses

Join Our Network


Develop Wisconsin’s Business Partners offer a broad range of products for Develop Wisconsin clients.   From Business Financing to e-Commerce development, Develop Wisconsin’s Business Partners provide over 50,000 Wisconsin businesses the services they need to grow.


Everyday, Develop Wisconsin is working to connect over 3,000 businesses to over $50 million of capital.   Become a Business Finance Partner and expand your lending to Wisconsin’s businesses.


Lines of Credit are often the life blood for growing businesses.   Develop Wisconsin works to connect contracts and other businesses to the LOC they need to operate and succeed.


Over two thirds of Develop Wisconsin’s clients are looking for marketing services to expand their business or product.  If you are a marketing firm, become a partner today and get connected!


Develop Wisconsin promote accounting services as a core business function.   If your firm provides accounting services, become a Business Partner and get connected to new customers.


Companies of all sizes require and need bookkeeping services and bookkeeping services is one of the most in-demand services of our clients.   If your firm provides bookkeeping services, become a Busiuness Partner and get connected.


Develop Wisconsin’s clients are constantly looking for business insurance to meet the growing needs of their businesses.   If your firm connects businesses to insurance, then become a Business Partner and get connected to thousands of businesses seeking insurance.


Businesses often contact Develop Wisconsin to be find legal representation on business matters.   Become a Businuess Partner and expand your legal businesses to more clients!


Develop Wisconsin connects businesses to business consultants capable of assisting a businesses growth strategy.   Become a Business Partner and gain new clients!


Wisconsin businesses of all sizes are looking to have a website created or maintained by a qualified web development firm.   Become a Business Partner and gain new customers!


At any given moment a third of Wisconsin’s businesses are seeking to expand by leading additional space or developing a new structure.   If you are a real esate professional and are looking for more clients, get connected by becoming a business partner!


Early stage businesses need significant support.  If your firm or organization supports start-up or early stage businesses then become a Business Partner and get connected.


E-commerce is growing at a phenomonal rate and businesses are increasingly seeking guidance in growing their e-commerce business.   Become a Business Partner and get connected!

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