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We provide direct business technical assistance to growing businesses.


Take Your Business To The Next Level!

Generally, entrepreneurs face significant challenges in growing their businesses and, consequently, need intense and direct technical assist throughout the business lifecycle.   Failing to get adequate business technical assistance is a leading cause of business failure.    Develop Wisconsin provides direct technical assistance to business by providing the following services:


    • Early Stage Growth Technical Assistance: For business less than three years old or businesses that have not grown significantly during the early stages of development.   Develop Wisconsin determines the needs of the business, the goals of the founder(s), the potential market opportunity and a plan to effectively grow the business.   This stage may involved the creation  of a business plan, including; market analysis, financial projections, competitive analysis and marketing strategy.   Early Stage Growth Technical Assistance puts a business on the right path to long term success.   If interested in obtaining technical assistance,  complete the survey on this page.
    • Pre-Investment Technical Assistance: For businesses seeking to attract capital to fuel growth and expansion.   Pre-investment technical assistance prepares a business to be able to attract capital by documenting improved financial, management and operational performance; by improving a businesses marketing and branding; and by improving product performance in the market.   Pre-Investment Technical Assistance makes a business look very attractive to potential investors.  If interested in obtaining technical assistance, complete the survey on this page.
    • High-Growth Technical Assistance: For businesses seeking to grow over the long term, Develop Wisconsin provides a broad range of technical assistance services and investment possibilities.  In addition to technical assistance, Develop Wisconsin has access to various sources of capital (debt, equity and grants) that can be leveraged to fuel growth.   If interested in growing your business over the long term, complete the survey on  this page.
    • Exit Strategy Technical Assistance: For business owners seeking to develop and implement an exit strategy, Develop Wisconsin provides value added solutions.   If interested in setting your exit strategy in motion, complete the survey on this page.


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