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capital / investment

capital /  investment

Develop Wisconsin works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to identify and secure sources of capital that work.

Securing Capital That Works!

Develop Wisconsin works with our partners to find capital that meets your needs.


Early Stage Seed Capital

Finding capital for early stage businesses is extremely difficult, espcially for minority entrepreneurs.   Develop Wisconsin works with our partners to secure early stage capital for businesses with growth potential.   Request Assistance Today!

Growth Capital

Growing businesses have significant capital needs, often requiring a mix of debt and equity.  Develop Wisconsin works with our partners to identify sources of financing for businesses with growth potential. Request Assistance.

Business Financing

Develop Wisconsin works with community based lending partners to provide financing for growing businesses.  Request Assistance Today.

Venture Capital

Develop Wisconsin connects businesses to equity investors interested in businesses with signficant growth potential.  Equity investors are particularly interested in technology based businesses.   If interested in securing venture capital, contact us today.

Public Financing

Competitive businesses leverage brand awareness to grow customer loyalty.  The  Develop Wisconsin Business Ecosystem provides the marketing expertise to take your brand to the next level.  Request Assistance.

Mezzanine Financing

Some established businesses may require a more complex financing package or Mezzanine Financing to make a deal work.  If interested in combination of debt and  equity financing, contact us today.

make develop wisconsin part of your business development team and take your business to the next level!

Develop Wisconsin is committed to providing minority owned businesses in Wiscosnin with an effective business ecosystem that supports development and growth.  Minority businesses now have a partner that can assist them in moving beyond the obstacles and challenges that stifles the growth of their businesses.

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